"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child”

~ Pablo Picasso

'The Art of Mosaics' Workshop

November, 2015

Location:  Middlebrook Gardens, San Jose

Ages:         Adult

Attendees will learn how to cut plan, arrange, and cement complex artistic mosaics. You will have the chance to work on a massive dome mosaic and work on your own personal stepping stone piece that you can take home.



Glass and Ceramic Mosaics Workshop

October, 2010

Location:  Middlebrook Gardens, San Jose

Ages:         Adult

In this design class, you will learn how to start visualizing your native garden, how to incorporate native plants, find out which native plants are right for your yard, and get many design ideas for your project. Alrie Middlebrook has more than 30 years experience as a professional landscaper and author. The Saturday portion of the class is an indoor lecture.



Artist of the Month Workshop

July, 2009

Location:  Middlebrook Gardens, San Jose

Ages:         Adult

This workshop is a class demonstration as to how to create mosaic art for a garden. There will also be a slide show
of mosaic garden art followed by a tour of garden sites where Christina’s art can be viewed



Introduction to Mosaics


Location: Color Me Mine, San Jose
Ages:      Adult
Introductory class in basic mosaic art techniques; students created mosaic art projects.



Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones, 12-part garden mosaic workshops

May, 2007
Learn to create beautiful, lasting outdoor mosaic pieces for your home or garden. In this first installment in a twelve-month Garden Mosaic Workshop Series, visionary artist Christina Yaconelli instructs students in creating
unique garden projects such as stepping-stones
... more



California Mosaics, A Celebration of California's Diversity in Mosaics
July, 2006

California Mosaics celebrates a diverse cross-section of two and three-dimensional mosaic works made by artists currently living or working in California ... more



The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
March, 2006

Yellow Cottage Mosaics displays a three-paneled "triptych" design, assembled from vintage hard-body and vitreous glass tile ... more



All About Mosaics
July, 2005
Location: Palo Alto Art Center
Ages:      5-7 years
Practice the art of mosaics as used by ancient Middle Eastern peoples. By carefully placing ceramic
tiles, amazing patterns and images will be created. Make a treasure to last a lifetime and learn about composition, color & craftsmanship.

Tile Mosaics
July, 2005
Location: Palo Alto Art Center
Ages:      8-12 years
We'll look at the ancient tradition of mosaic with fresh eyes. Through mosaics, children will develop a
sense of design and their own individual style. We'll learn to carefully plan a project and see it start to completion.

Introduction to Garden Mosaics
October, 2004 / December, 2004
Location: Middlebrook Gardens
Ages:      Adult
This is an introduction-level class designed to teach basic mosaic skills to adults. During the course
participants will create an outdoor mosaic piece ~ a pot, stepping stone or mural, using Vitreous glass
and hard-body tiles.


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