"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child

~ Pablo Picasso

Working with mosaics is like a giant puzzle ~ there is an immense pleasure that comes from seeing the image unfold from an original idea and emerge into the world. I get great joy from seeing past the pile of tiles, adhesive and grout into a reality that exists in my minds eye.

Like a musician, the mosaic artist transforms bits of pieces and fragments into a tangible work, as atoms will form a molecular whole.

Mosaics have a uniquely tactile appeal. This starts at the beginning, with the wonderful crunching sound that comes from cutting tiles and continues as each piece is held, buttered on the back and placed in its own special part of the artwork.

In addition, the silent patience it takes to finish a project creates a sacred space all its own.

Mosaics have a multi-dimensionality that never ceases to fascinate me. The various materials of each assignment, whether personal or commissioned, take on its own life and reveal itself during the recreation of the original vision. Unlike painted art, mosaics demand to be touched, to become a part of life; not just viewed, but experienced.

Because creating mosaics brings me great joy, it is joy that I hope to communicate in my work. Like a child, I play with color, design and texture to communicate my delight to others.

Each finished mosaic truly becomes a piece of my heart.


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